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We're Certifiable

We've just gained Apple's ACiT certification! This means we have gained insight and procedures to repair and service Apple's portable line of computers, such as iPhone and iPad. This training comes directly from the horseman's mouth and is the same certification held by Apple's genius's.

Registration Number 313472233 ACiT 2016 iOS Service Certification

We will continue to add products to our repertoire as these next few months proceed. We are currently working to gain Apple's ACmT Certification for Mac computer and operating systems trouble shooting and repair. We are always upgrading the company's operating system to offer more complete care and repair of your digital tools and infrastructure for consumers and small business.

New services will include MacBook and desktop Apple computer repairs for hardware and software. We will also add network setup, configuration and repair. Being that fixfone has more knowledge than the competition and that we're a mobile first company, adding these onsite services is a natural progression for our business. We are the folks people call when theres now one left to figure it out. Save yourself the time and call us first.

Thank you,

Joel Irons


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