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Mobile, Mobile Part Replacement

Sell your unused or broken phone

Bits N Bobs

We can come to you to replace your screen or battery, while at home or at work!

We offer a range of refurbished phones through buying injured and unemployed phones. 

We carry a select range of cables and cases. We don't chase cool here, just a balance between inexpensive and quality. 

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We're Apple compatible!

We have completed the ACiT 2016 iOS Service Certification through Apple's official AppleCare Technician Training Program.   

We've completed the same training and gained the same certifications as Apple's in-house tech's. 


Things to consider; 

The service usually takes less than an hour to complete. Please note that mangled screens are more difficult to replace, and therefore require more time to replace. We use brand new LCD/digitizer modules, not just swapping the glass. Glass only repairs are difficult to get right and we would like it for you to not have to see us again, we prefer if you want to. Which I'm sure you will because we're lovely people. :)  

If your phone is held together by adhesive, service delivery is not an option as of yet. We are working to develop tools that can be operated on a portable power system. We'll keep you posted. 

Please consider that the phone has sustained damage, there may be other faults as a result. Fixfone cannot be held to account for any further faults found during the course or as a result of the replacement. We will correct what we can within a reasonable time frame for the price of the parts, within reason. If significant work is required, we'll contact you before going ahead with extra repairs, if we can do them. Alternatively, you can select the 'Just Fix It' function and we'll attempt to sort all faults within a reasonable price. 

Please backup your phone if you haven't already. We cannot and will not accept responsibility for your data. We've never encountered a problem here, but better safe than sorry. Besides, when was that last time you backed up? Probably too long. I'm just gonna get you to go ahead and do that, ok? That'd be great. Thanks. 

Our work


We try to make it as easy to fix that screen as it was to break it. Book today and we'll get that sorted for you. 

We come to you while you're lounging on the couch or hard at work. We replace your LCD Display module in our portable laboratory, it could hardly be more convenient.

These are old phones and it isn't very economical to deliver this service. However, we do want to be able to help and keep these devices out of the landfill. So as to offer a reasonably priced solution, you can drop your iphone4 and iphone4s off at our shop where we can perform the repair.

Talk to us about adding a battery at this time to reduce installation costs. 

As each manufacturer and model has a different panel, consequently, the price of your screen panel may vary widely from another seemingly similar model. We will consult with you on whether its worthwhile to repair your phone.


Contact us and lets discuss it. 

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Fixfone is here to help. It's pretty harsh when your super duper futuristic communication device takes a dive. Getting these things sorted should be easy, and this is what we're aiming for. ​If you're in Vancouver, we can come to you while you're at work and sort out your phone in our mobile repair lab. Pretty sweet, eh? Alternatively, we have a workshop in geographic heart of Vancouver, if that suits you. Let us know and we'll give the address. 

We've made plenty of difficult decisions to keep our overhead low in order to provide you the best value we can muster.   


Send us an email, give us a call, text or contact us through our facebook portal.   


Contact Us 




Mobile Repair Lab

Vancouver BC

Tel: (604)500-2253



Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

​​Saturday: by appointment

​Sunday: by appointment

Out of hours service available

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